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BPPB promotes the idea of Open Data, where any raw data are openly available for confirming the results and conclusion of every article and for reuse and data mining by researchers other than the authors.
  In order to provide the relating raw data as the necessary evidence, the Editor of BPPB requests the authors to use the J-STAGE Data ( https://jstagedata.jst.go.jp/biophysico ) , an open data repository, as possible as they can. Because BPPB is one of the publisher members of the J-STAGE Data, the authors can store their raw data and/or relating supplementary materials identified by their own DOI without paying any additional cost.
  When the authors upload their data on the J-STAGE Data web site ( https://jstagedata.jst.go.jp/submit ), please also provide the metadata as shown below and upload a READ.me file, too, describing how to parse the data. The authors are recommended to use a thumbnail image as the preview screen for their data, and please also upload the picture as the top data item. See below URL for possible file format.
  About the LOG-in information for the submission page, please inquire the Editorial office of the BPPB: biophysics[AT]nacos.com (* Please replace [AT] with @ ).

• Submission manual
  English (https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/static/files/en/pub_data_deposit_manual.pdf)
  Japanese (https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/static/files/ja/pub_data_deposit_manual.pdf)

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