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Volume 20, 2023
Issue 4
Volume 20, 2023
Issue 3
Volume 20, 2023
Issue 2
Volume 20, 2023
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30 Jun., 2023 2022 Journal Impact Factor of Biophysics and Physicobiology is given as 1.5 by Clarivate.
21 Mar., 2023 Special Issue: "Recent Advances in Retinal Protein Research" has been published.
26 Dec., 2022 The manuscript Template for LaTeX is available and is downloaded from the web site of Biophysics and Physicobiology.
21 Dec., 2022 The “Instruction for Authors” for Biophysics and Physicobiology has been updated. In particular, statements for Data Availability are requested to be added in the manuscript.
01 Sep., 2022 On 1st September 2022, we invite the following four new Editorial Board members for the Biophysics and Physicobiology (BPPB): Prof. Jie Yan (SNU, Singapore), Prof. Gautam Basu (Bose Inst., India), Prof. Raymond S. Norton (Monash Univ., Australia), and Prof. Steve Pressé (Arizona State Univ., USA). In addition, we invite Prof. Lee-Wei Yang (National Tsing-Hua Univ. Taiwan) as a new Associate Editor, and Prof. Robert E. Campbell (Univ. Alberta, Canada), Prof. Soichi Wakatsuki (Stanford Univ., USA), and Dr. Damien R. Hall (Kanazawa Univ., Japan) as new Advisory Board members.
01 Jun., 2022 On the J-STAGE web page for Advance online publication of each article, the Abstract and the Graphical Abstract are displayed.
26 Mar., 2022 A new preprint server, Jxiv, which has been developed and is operated by JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency), started on 24 March 2022, and the manuscript posted on Jxiv before submission to the BPPB is not considered as publication.
This announcement is included in the updated Instruction for Authors on 26 March 2022.
05 Jan., 2022 From Volume 19, each article published in Biophysics and Physicobiology (BPPB) is identified by the Article ID not by the sequential page numbers. Thus, Formatting Templates and Instruction for Authors have been updated, and they are available from the BPPB web pages.
10 Dec., 2021 Special Issue: "The Oosawa Lectures on DIY Statistical Mechanics" has been published by Editorial team for the Special Issue on Oosawa's Lectures
20 Nov., 2021 Instruction for Authors and the formatting Template for each category have been updated. In addition, the Notes for manuscript preparation are available from the web page of Instruction for Authors.
17 Nov., 2021 An article with the title "Announcing changes to the publishing procedures of “Biophysics and Physicobiology” (BPPB) - the Biophysical Society of Japan’s English language biophysics journal" by Haruki Nakamura is published as a Commentary in Biophysical Reviews that is the IUPAB's official journal.
12 Nov., 2021 The BPPB web pages have been fully updated.
01 Oct., 2021 Style of articles in Biophysics and Physicobiology is changed with largely reducing the publication time and cost. See the updated Instruction for Authors.
22 Jun., 2021 The CSL (Citation Style language) for References list in articles of the BPPB has been registered at the GitHub site, and the details are described in the revised "Instructions for Authors” updated on 19th June 2021.
27 Nov., 2020 A preprint server, bioRxiv, starts a direct transfer service (B2J) of the manuscript, which has been submitted to bioRxiv, to the BPPB, after concluding a contract between Biophysical Society of Japan (BSJ) and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSH) on 11 November 2020. The details are shown on the bioRxiv webpage.

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Recent Articles

Advance online publication
Inhibition of amyloid-β(16–22) aggregation by polyphenols using replica permutation with solute tempering molecular dynamics simulation
Daiki Fukuhara, Satoru G. Itoh, Hisashi Okumura

ReceivedJuly 06, 2023   
AcceptedDecember 08, 2023   
ReleasedDecember 09, 2023   

Commentary and Perspective
Welcome to the borderless rhodopsin world
Takahiro Yamashita, Satoshi P. Tsunoda

ReceivedNovember 24, 2023   
AcceptedNovember 30, 2023   
ReleasedDecember 01, 2023   

Commentary and Perspective
Hybrid Biophysics: Interdisciplinary approaches for trans-scale analysis of organism-environment interactions
Madoka Suzuki, Kotaro Oyama, Toshiko Yamazawa

ReceivedNovember 06, 2023   
AcceptedNovember 09, 2023   
ReleasedNovember 11, 2023   

Commentary and Perspective
Bottom-up creation of cell-free molecular systems: Basic research toward social implementation
Izuru Kawamura, Ryuji Kawano, Tomoaki Matsuura

ReceivedNovember 07, 2023   
AcceptedNovember 09, 2023   
ReleasedNovember 10, 2023   

Commentary and Perspective
Updating view of membrane transport proteins by simulation studies
Takashi Sumikama, Ben Corry, Junichi Ono, Chigusa Kobayashi, Kei-ichi Okazaki

ReceivedOctober 03, 2023   
AcceptedOctober 31, 2023   
ReleasedNovember 02, 2023   

Announcement of BPPB paper awards 2023
Haruki Nakamura

ReceivedOctober 19, 2023   
AcceptedOctober 23, 2023   
ReleasedOctober 24, 2023   

Commentary and Perspective
Rocking Out Biophysics in IUPAB2024 Kyoto!
Hiroyuki Noji

ReceivedOctober 10, 2023   
AcceptedOctober 13, 2023   
ReleasedOctober 17, 2023   

Regular Article
Changes in protein phosphorylation by insulin administration in the central nervous system of the gastropod mollusk Lymnaea stagnalis
Junko Nakai, Kengo Namiki, Yuki Totani, Shigeki Yasumasu, Teruki Yoshimura, Takashi Aoki, Etsuro Ito

ReceivedSeptember 25, 2023   
AcceptedOctober 10, 2023   
ReleasedOctober 12, 2023   

Commentary and Perspective (Invited)
The third Japan-U.S. symposium on motor proteins and associated single-molecule biophysics
Tomohiro Shima, Kumiko Hayashi

ReceivedSeptember 25, 2023   
AcceptedOctober 02, 2023   
ReleasedOctober 04, 2023   

Regular Article
E. coli production of a multi-disulfide bonded SARS-CoV-2 Omicron BA.5 RBD exhibiting native-like biochemical and biophysical properties
Rawiwan Wongnak, Subbaian Brindha, Takahiro Yoshizue, Sawaros Onchaiya, Kenji Mizutani, Yutaka Kuroda

ReceivedJuly 27, 2023   
AcceptedSeptember 19, 2023   
ReleasedSeptember 21, 2023   

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