An article with the title "Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex sensing analgesia" by Etsuro Ito, Kotaro Oka, Fusako Koshikawa is published.

2022 April 28 BPPB

A following article is published in "Biophysics and Physicobiology".

Etsuro Ito, Kotaro Oka, Fusako Koshikawa
"Dorsolateral prefrontal cortex sensing analgesia"

The involvement of the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) in pain is well known. Our studies showed that application of pyramidal thorn patches to pain regions decreased the degree of pain, leading to a lower oxyhemoglobin level in the DLPFC. Mindfulness meditation is another well-known complementary and integrative approach for achieving pain relief. The relation between pain relief due to mindfulness meditation and changes in brain regions, including the DLPFC, has long been examined. We introduce the effects of these complementary and integrative treatments on pain relief, and outline the important brain regions, including the DLPFC, that are involved in analgesia.

Biophysics Physicobiology, 2022, Volume 19, Article ID: e190014


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