Seeking a Principal Investigator of a New Laboratory (indefinite-term employment position, tenured full professor level), RIKEN Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research

2021 October 13 JOBS

Open positions:
Principal Investigator: 1 position (tenured full professor level)

Applicants must have an outstanding research record and the ability to lead the above research field internationally. We welcome applicants of all nationalities.

Work location:
RIKEN Yokohama Campus (1-7-22 Suehiro-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 230-0045)

Research field and overview:
RIKEN's research is based on synthesis and interdisciplinarity. With, free-thinking as its basic philosophy, RIKEN promotes research that goes beyond the boundaries of conventional research fields, while at the same time responding to the needs of society from a strategic perspective.

RIKEN invites applications for the position of Principal Investigator (PI, indefinite-term employment position) to serve in a leadership position in the following research area. The successful candidate will be responsible for directing research projects from a mid-to-long-term perspective.

Field: in situ Structural Biology
RIKEN has introduced cryo-electron microscopes (Tecnai Arctica, Krios G4) and cryo-FIB/SEM (Aquilos2) to establish the research infrastructure for single particle analysis and cryo-electron tomography. In this call for applications, we are looking for a PIwho will play a central role in promoting research on "in situ structural biology," i.e., "in situ analysis of complex structures of biological macromolecules functioning in cells," by making full use of these research facilities, especially cryo-EMs.
Since this field is still in its infancy, we welcome not only candidates with experience and achievements in cryo-EM tomography, but also ambitious candidates who will pioneer the field of in situ structural biology research based on their past research experiences, such as single-particle analysis of reconstituted functional complexes in vitro. We are looking for a candidate who is willing to explore the field of in situ structural biology based on his or her previous research experience.
The Center for Biosystems Dynamics Research (BDR) aims to understand the general principles of organismal temporal dynamics throughout the lifespan from birth to death, including aging. We have more than 70 laboratories working on various approaches including imaging, multi-omics, theoretical biology, molecular biology, structural biology, stem cell biology, organoids, and various animal models. Each PI will be provided with a research environment including start-up and research funding for independent research. In addition, PIs are encouraged to carry out research projects in collaboration with other laboratories to achieve the Center's goals, for which additional funding will be provided. The laboratory head may employ researchers, technicians, and assistants with these research funds and any external funding obtained. Support is provided for the maintenance and management of laboratory animals, genetically modified animal production, optical imaging, electron microscopy (TEM, SEM), and omics analysis. The Center also provides opportunities for joint research through its network of medical institutions and companies and can accept graduate students through its affiliated graduate school system. For more information, please visit the BDR website.
We are looking for a person who will lead the next generation of structural biology at the Center and RIKEN, and who will be a core member of the international leadership in this research field. Since the above facilities are part of the project to promote the sharing of advanced research facilities, this laboratory is also expected to actively contribute to the shared service of cryo-electron microscopy.

The application must arrive no later than noon, January 7, 2022 (Japan Standard Time)

Start of employment:
October 1, 2022 or earliest possible date after this date.

For more information and required application documents, please visit the application website:

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