Michèle Auger Award for Young Scientists’ Independent Research (2022)

2021 July 06 AWARD

In late 2018, long time Editorial Board Member of the Biophysical Reviews journal, Professor Michèle Auger, sadly succumbed to illness. As a mark of our respect for Michèle, the Biophysical Reviews’ Board, together with the support of Springer-Nature Corporation, created a perpetual memorial award in honor of her life and service.

The, ‘Michèle Auger Award for Young Scientists’ Independent Research’, is to be granted each year to a single candidate performing biophysical research who, at the time of application, is under 40 years of age. The award will consist of a plaque and a free personal subscription to the journal along with an invitation to submit a single author Review article to Biophysical Reviews.

The winner’s published Review will carry a short foreword about the life of Professor Michèle Auger, along with her work associated with teaching and training the next generation of biophysical scientists. Nominations can be made in the form of a candidate’s one page curriculum vitae, along with five original manuscripts, to be submitted by email to either the Chief Editor, or any one of the Biophysical Reviews’ Executive Editors, prior to 2021, October 31st. Judging will be carried out by a special committee assembled from the Biophysical Reviews’ Editorial Board, with this assembly taking place after the submission deadline. Results will be announced in December, with the winner’s single author Review to be published in the following year.

Submissions can be made via email in the form described above to any of the following.

Chief Editor
Damien Hall – hall.damien(at)
Nano Life Science Institute (NanoLSI)
Kanazawa University, Kakumamachi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-1164. Japan.

Executive Editors
S. Harding - steve.harding(at)
University of Nottingham
School of Biosciences
Sutton Bonington Leicestershire
LE12 5RD UK0115 9516148

J.W.K. Ho - jwkho(at)
School of Biomedical Sciences, Faculty of Medicine
The University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong, China

R. Itri - itri(at)
Department of Applied Physics
Institute of Physics
University of Sao Paolo
Sao Paolo, Brazil

N. R. Jagannathan - jagan1954(at)
Chettinad Academy of Research & Education,
Kelambaklam, TN 603 103, India.

K. Nagayama - nagayama(at)
National Institute for Physiological Sciences
5-1 Higashiyama, Myodaiji, Okazaki, Japan

W. Olson - wilma.olson(at)
Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology
Rutgers – School of Arts and Sciences
10 Taylor Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854, USA

G. Rivas - grivas(at)
Centro de Investigaciones Biológicas
Margarita Salas – CSIC
Ramiro de Maeztu 9 - E28040 Madrid, Spain

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