High school poster presentation award 2020 at the Annual Meeting of Biophysical Society of Japan

2021 January 13 For MEMBER

<First Prize>
Computational Study of Temperature-Dependent Protein Glass Transition under Varying Solvent Compositions
Michelle Yaochai1,2, Emmanuella Li2, Joanna Ng2, Peter J. Bond2, Alexander Krah2
(1 NUS High Sch., 2 Bioinformatics Inst., A*STAR)

<Second Prize>
Sleep deprivation alters food odor preference in Drosophila
Fuminori Tanizawa1,2, Hiroyuki Takemoto3 (1 Kaisei Senior High School, 2Future Scientistsʼ School, Shizuoka University, 3 Research Institute of Green Science and Technology, Shizuoka University)

<Third Prize>
The breeding ecology of the invasive alien Planaria, Girardia dorotocephala, in the middle reaches of the Ish river in Osaka Pref
Sakura Takahashi (Osaka Pref. Tondabayashi H.S.)

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