「BIOPHYSICS」に Fumihiro Motojima "How do chaperonins fold protein?"を掲載

2015 April 01 BPPB


Fumihiro Motojima
” How do chaperonins fold protein?”

How do chaperonins fold protein?

Protein folding is an essential biological process for the proper functioning of proteins in all living organisms. In cells, many proteins require the assistance of molecular chaperones for their folding. Chaperonins belong to a class of molecular chaperones that have been extensively studied. However, the mechanism by which a chaperonin mediates the folding of proteins is still controversial. This review summarizes the previous important findings in the chaperonin study and discusses the models proposed to explain the chaperonin-mediated folding, including our model, in view of recent findings.

BIOPHYSICS, Vol.11, pp. 93-102


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