「BIOPHYSICS」にSatoshi Takigami et al. “Morphological and physiological characterisitics of dermal photoreceptors in Lymnaea stagnalis"を掲載

2014 November 11 BPPB


Satoshi Takigami, Hiroshi Sunada, Tetsuro Horikoshi and Manabu Sakakibara
"Morphological and physiological characterisitics of dermal photoreceptors in Lymnaea stagnalis"

【Editor's Summary】


非眼性視細胞は、形態学的、生理学的に未知な部分が多い。皮膚視細胞にはcGMP、ロドプシン、アレスチンが関与することから、これらの抗体でモノアラガイ外套膜を免疫組織学染色した。抗体特異的に重複反応した組織は、顆粒と核を持つ細胞構造が特徴で、呼吸口付近では小型の、その他ではより大型の細胞が分布していた。Lucifer Yellowでこの細胞を逆行性染色したところ、その神経線維からは光off応答が細胞外記録で観察された。

Morphological and physiological characteristics of dermal photoreceptors in Lymnaea stagnalis.

Non-ocular photoreceptors are not well understood morphologically and physiologically. Previous studies revealed that the photo-transduction in dermal photoreceptors was involved with cGMP, rhodopsin and β-arrestin. Mantle in Lymnaea was examined immunehistologically with these antibodies. Overlapped immuno-positive tissues were characterized by possessing one nucleus with small granular particles. Smaller diameter cells showing immuno-positive signals were distributed around the pneumostome area, while larger cells were in the other areas. One of these cells was back-filled with Lucifer Yellow, and the light-induced off-response was recorded from the neuropil. This off-response was one of the characteristics observed in the inter-neuron, RPeD11, previously.

BIOPHYSICS, Vol.10, pp. 77-88


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