「BIOPHYSICS」にTohru Yoshioka et al. “Physical aspects of sensory transduction on seeing, hearing and smelling”を掲載

2013 December 27 BPPB


Tohru Yoshioka, Manabu Sakakibara
“Physical aspects of sensory transduction on seeing, hearing and smelling”

【Editor's Summary】


The critical role of intracellular bound water in sensory signal transduction.

Sensory transduction mechanism is reconsidered. The well-established signal transduction models based on the 2nd messenger diffusion process have the inherent limitation in cilliary cells of elongated shape. The diffusion of the 2nd messenger in a cell is the rate-limiting process. Theories of cell water have suggested that there is no cytosolic free water, thus all the molecules in a cell can move only by a carrier or association with a proton current. If that is the case, Ca2+ is a strong candidate for being a 2nd messenger and a cyclic nucleotide will control Ca2+ signaling via the phosphorylation process.

BIOPHYSICS, Vol.9, pp.183-191


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