Biophysics wiki-edit contest 投稿募集(The Biophysical Society)

2013 February 25 BPPB

Biophycial Societyでは、下記の【Biophysics wiki-edit contest】を

コンテストの受賞者には、Biophycial Societyのメンバーシップ、


日本生物物理学会会長 難波啓一

The Biophysical Society (BPS) is running a wiki-edit contest this year to improve wiki coverage of biophysics-related topics and availability of relevant open-license images. Among other aims, we'd like very much to improve coverage of notable biophysicists and their research from countries all around the world, both on the English wikipedia and on their native-language wikipedias. It seems clear from a quick look that there are many important Japanese biophysicists who don't yet have a page.

I'd like to solicit your help in encouraging students and postdocs (faculty also) to enter the contest and help make such information more complete, accurate, and engaging. Prizes include free membership and registration to next year's BPS meeting in San Francisco plus $100, and wiki-editing would surely also improve their chance to win one of the many BPS travel awards. Mainly, it's fun and satisfying to improve a source the whole world consults.

The contest page is at, with links to help on topics and how to get started. I'd be delighted to help also.

If feasible, please reply with an email of someone who'd be willing to correspond about this. Thanks so very much for any help BSJ can give on this!

Jane Richardson
Biophysical Society President, 2012-13


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