Kobayashi Award (2021:3rd)

2021 July 26 AWARD

Eligible Nominee:
Individual researcher(s) who have conducted original researches in Japan and made outstanding achievements in the fields of medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, engineering, science or life science etc. Furthermore, the field developed by nominee(s) is expected to further advance in future.
However, recipients of Order of the Culture, Person of Cultural Merit and award winners of Japan Academy Prize are not eligible for Kobayashi Award.

(1)The President of a society who has received a recommendation request from Kobayashi Foundation
(2)Faculty heads of universities or directors of research institutes who have received a recommendation request from Kobayashi Foundation
(3) Self-recommendation will not be accepted

Number of Nominee : 1 Nominee by 1 Nominator (1 society or 1 institution)

Nomination Window(BSJ):16th August (Friday) 2021

Selection Process:
Applications will be assessed and selected by Selection Committee of Kobayashi Foundation, and the decision will be made by the executive board afterwards.

Announcement of Selection Result:
The selection result will be mailed to Nominators and Nominees in late January 2021.

Kobayashi Award Ceremony:
The 3rd Kobayashi Award Ceremony will be held on between mid-February and mid-March 2021.
A winner will receive an award certificate, a prize medal and an extra prize of 30 million JPY.
A winner will give a commemorative lecture on the research that was the subject of the award.

Application Documents:
  (1)Nomination form … please attach 1 original and its 10 full copies
  (2) 5 representative papers or publications… please attach 1 full original of each and 1 Electronic media which includes all
(Please mark these 5 representative papers or publications with 〇 in the 「list of major publications」 in Nomination form)

The Biophysical Society of Japan

Please use at sign instead of (at).


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