「Biophysics and Physicobiology」にTakahisa Yamato et al. “Normal mode analysis and beyond”を掲載

2019 November 29 BPPB

日本生物物理学会欧文誌[Biophysics and Physicobiology]に以下の論文が新規掲載されました。

Takahisa Yamato, Olivier Laprévote “Normal mode analysis and beyond”

Normal mode analysis and beyond

Normal mode analysis provides a powerful tool in biophysical computations. Particularly, we shed light on its application to protein properties because they directly lead to biological functions. For instance, the effect of external perturbations such as ligand binding and hydrostatic pressure on protein structures can be represented as the shifts of normal mode variables. Normal mode analysis is also applicable to transport properties of proteins. Since the structure and dynamics of protein molecules are highly anisotropic, the flow of energy and heat should also be anisotropic. Based on the harmonic approximation of the heat current operator, it is possible to analyze the communication map of a protein molecule.

Biophysics and Physicobiology, Vol.16, 322-327


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