「Biophysics and Physicobiology」にRyuma Sato et al. “Theoretical analyses on a flipping mechanism of UV-induced DNA damage ”を掲載

2016 December 14 BPPB

日本生物物理学会欧文誌[Biophysics and Physicobiology]に以下の論文が新規掲載されました。

Ryuma Sato, Ryuhei Harada, Yasuteru Shigeta “Theoretical analyses on a flipping mechanism of UV-induced DNA damage”

Flipping mechanism of UV-induced DNA

The repair of UV-induced DNA is one of the critical reactions in life. A dysfunction of the DNA repair will cause severe diseases such as skin cancer in animals and growth inhibitor in plants. Although this reaction has been extensively investigated, even molecular mechanism of the base-flipping process, which is an early process of DNA repair, has not been revealed, yet. In this work, we analyzed the base-flipping process of a DNA lesion alone by using molecular dynamics simulations and quantum mechanics calculations. Our results clearly indicate that the base-flipping process does not occur without a help of photolyase.

Biophysics and Physicobiology, Vol.13, pp. 311-319


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