「BIOPHYSICS」にKota Katayama et al."FTIR study of primate color visual pigments "を掲載

2015 March 11 BPPB


Kota Katayama, Hideki Kandori
”FTIR study of primate color visual pigments”

FTIR structural analysis provides important structural information about color tuning in primate color vision

We humans distinguish various colors with three proteins that contain a common chromophore, 11-cis-retinal. However structural information regarding the spectral tuning of these proteins is not yet available. We thus started structural studies of primate color visual pigments using low-temperature FTIR spectroscopy. Here we report the first structural data of monkey red- (MR) and green- (MG) sensitive pigments, in which the information about the protein, retinal chromophore, and internal water molecules is contained. Molecular mechanism of color discrimination between red and green pigments will be discussed based on the structural data by FTIR spectroscopy.

BIOPHYSICS, Vol.11, pp. 61-66


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