A trillionth of a globe (Yuuka Nimura, Graduate school of science, Osaka University)

The Biophysical Society of Japan annual meeting executive committee 2019

Multi-component GUV composed of phospholipid POPC and SM, glycolipid GM3, Cholesterol, and fluorescently labeled peptide was photographed in 3D. Red represents Texas Red-DHPE, and green represents NBD-labeled synthetic transmembrane peptide. Usually GUV moves during observation and it is difficult to shoot in 3D, but 3D imaging became possible by reducing the laser output thoroughly using a GaAsP detector and suppressing vibrating due to laser irradiation. The appearance of the Ld phase island floating in a GUV with a diameter of about 20 µm is like a small Earth. A1R + (Nikon) Lens: Apo, 60x, NA1.40, Oil




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