Distribution of Lgr5-positive stem cells in mouse small intestinal organoids (Masanori Tomita, Central Research Institute of Electric Power Industry)

The Biophysical Society of Japan annual meeting executive committee 2019

Organogoids were constructed by culturing Lgr5-positive stem cells isolated from mouse small intestine crypts, and Z-stack images were obtained using a multiphoton excitation microscope. The purpose was to take a 3D construction image, but when the Z stack image was converted into a movie, it became a beautiful movie like a fireworks display that colored the summer night. Since the multiphoton excitation microscope was used, the internal structure of the organoid can be seen, but it looks like fireworks reflected in the clouds. Green fluorescence is GFP (Lgr5-positive stem cells), red fluorescence is Lgr5-positive stem cells expressing tdTomato by tamoxifen treatment and some of the differentiated cells derived from it, and blue fluorescence is Hoechst33258 (cell nucleus). Nikon, A1R MP




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