Retina 2: Swim inside the retina (Shinya Sato, Graduate school of biostudies, Kyoto Unibersity)

The Biophysical Society of Japan annual meeting executive committee 2019

Summary: Retinas were isolated from mice expressing fluorescent proteins in the cytoplasm of whole cells, and tomographic images were taken at 1 µm intervals from the surface to 200 µm deep using a multiphoton microscope. The moving image is obtained by reconstructing the stack image data in the depth direction into a continuous tomographic image from the side of the retina by image processing, and it feels like swimming in the retina. <Highlights> The photoreceptor nuclei are beautifully arranged vertically in 9 to 10 layers for a reason. It is said that nocturnal organisms such as mice have a special structure of photoreceptor nucleus in which heterochromatin is localized in the central part, and this acts as a microlens, thereby guiding incident light linearly. Camera:Olympus multiphoton laser scanning microscope




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