「Biophysics and Physicobiology」〈Special Issue: "Memorial Issue for Prof. Nobuhiko Saitô"〉にShigeki Mitaku et al. “What parameters characterize “life”?”を掲載

2016 November 22 BPPB

日本生物物理学会欧文誌[Biophysics and Physicobiology]に以下の論文が新規掲載されました。

Shigeki Mitaku, Ryusuke Sawada
“What parameters characterize “life”?”

Short title: What parameters characterize “life”?

“Life” is a particular state of matter, and matter consists of diverse molecules. The state corresponding to “life” is ultimately determined by the genome sequence. In order to elucidate a parameter characterizing the state of “life”, we analyzed all the amino acid sequences from the genomes of 557 prokaryotes and 40 eukaryotes using a membrane protein prediction online tool called SOSUI. SOSUI uses only the physical parameters of the encoded amino acid sequences to make its predictions. The ratio of membrane proteins in a genome identified by the SOSUI online tool was around 23% for all genomes, indicating that this ratio constitutes one parameter of “life”.

Biophysics and Physicobiology, Vol.13, pp. 305-310


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